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Whether you are suffering from chronic neck pain, sports injuries, disc injuries or sciatica, we are here to help.

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Weight Loss / Detoxification

Each person will consult with the doctor to obtain the best program for their needs and lifestyle.

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Functional Medicine

We addresses the underlying causes of disease to achieve restoration and optimal health.

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A Few Words

From Dr Rencher

My experiences in Exercise Physiology, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Chiropractic, Clinical Nutrition, and Functional Medicine has brought me to a very fun and satisfying career. Each stepping stone in my career path, has enabled me to now offer a complete Wellness program.

I’m driven by my passion to help people achieve the results they desire and then offer peak performance levels of health. I’ve experienced both sides of the medical/alternative coin, which is comforting to my patients when they are confused as to which way to turn in their health decisions.

I take pride in treating each patient as I would want a family member treated. I take the time to review your records, do a through exam, and then explain my findings and your condition to you. If needed, we can review what the other professionals may offer and discuss the best approach for your condition. If we can’t help you, I will recommend a professional that would be best suited for your needs.

Most often then not, my new patient’s history reveals a long exhaustive route of treatments and surgeries that have failed prior to coming to my office. If you have a condition or ailments that you like to resolve, you may want take a more direct route to recovery, make an appointment today.

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What Clients Are Saying

  • She finds the cause of the problem and only adjusts what is necessary. Now I am pain-free, migraine-free, and have the energy to exercise.
    Jennifer H.
  • My right shoulder and left arm—feel great now. I did not even recognize the extent of numbness and pain in these areas until Dr. Rencher provided relief.
    Patrick O.
  • My daughter, 14, was seeing another chiropractor for back pain and was not getting any relief. Dr. Rencher quickly got the results we were seeking. I decided to see her for my own back pain and migraines.
    Jackie M., R.N.